[openstack-dev] Avoiding regression in project governance

Stefano Maffulli stefano at openstack.org
Wed Mar 11 02:16:11 UTC 2015

On Tue, 2015-03-10 at 15:23 -0700, James E. Blair wrote:
> The holy grail of this system would be the "suitable for production
> deployment" tag, but no one has figured out how to define it yet.

Are crazy ideas welcome in this phase?

I start with 2 below: 

Preface: an idea circulates about visually displaying in a web page the
projects.yaml file and the tags in there. Visitors would be able to
browse the list of projects and sort, pick, search and find what they
need from a nice representation of the 'big tent'. 

1) how about we pull the popularity of OpenStack projects as reported in
the User Survey and display such number on the page where we list the
projects? What if, together with the objective tags managed by TC and
community at large, we show also the number of known deployment as

2) there are some 'fairly objective' indicators of quality of open
source code, developed in a handful of academic projects that I'm aware
of (Calipso and sos-opensource.org come to mind, but there are other).
Maybe we can build a tool that pulls those metrics from each of our
repositories and provides more guidance to visitors so they can form
their own mind?

Nobody can really vet for 'production ready' but probably we can provide
data for someone to get a more informed opinion. Too crazy? 


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