[openstack-dev] [Congress]How to add tempest tests for testing murano drive

Wong, Hong hong.wong at hp.com
Tue Mar 10 17:31:05 UTC 2015

Hi Aaron,

I just want to confirm how CI is running the congress tempest tests in its environment as I am about to check in a tempest test for testing murano deployment.  If I check in the test script to congress/contrib/tempest/tempest/scenario/congress_datasources, the CI will take care of running the test by copying it to stack/tempest/tempest/scenario/congress_datasources ?  So, I don't need to worry about adding python-congerssclient and python-muranoclient in stack/tempest/requirements.txt right ?


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Hi Hong,

I you should be able to run the tempest tests with ./run_tempest.sh -N which by default uses site-packages so they should be installed by the devstack script. If you want to run tempest via tox and venv you'll need to do:

echo python-congressclient >> requirements.txt
echo python-muranoclient >> requirements.txt

Then have tox build the venv.



On Mon, Mar 9, 2015 at 8:28 PM, Wong, Hong <hong.wong at hp.com<mailto:hong.wong at hp.com>> wrote:
Hi Tim and Aaron,

I got the latest changes from r157166 and I see the thirdparty-requirements.txt file where you can define the murano client (it’s already there), so the unit tests for murano driver can run out from the box.  However, this change is only in congress, so the tempest tests (tempest/ directory where congress tempest tests need to copy to as described from readme file) required murano and congress clients will still have issue as it doesn’t have the thirdparty requirement file concept.  Will r157166 changes also going to be implemented in tempest package ?



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Hi Hong,

Aaron started working on this, but we don?t have anything in place yet, as far as I know.  He?s a starting point.



On Feb 26, 2015, at 2:56 PM, Wong, Hong <hong.wong at hp.com<mailto:hong.wong at hp.com<mailto:hong.wong at hp.com%3cmailto:hong.wong at hp.com>>> wrote:

Hi Aaron,

I am new to congress and trying to write tempest tests for the newly added murano datasource driver.  Since the murano datasource tempest tests require both murano and python-congress clients as the dependencies.  I was told that I can't just simply add the requirements in the tempest/requirements.txt file as both packages are in not in the main branch, so CI will not be able to pick them up.  Do you know of any workaround ?



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