[openstack-dev] Enforcing correct short and long description of packages we produce

Steve Martinelli stevemar at ca.ibm.com
Mon Mar 9 00:41:07 UTC 2015

Okay, how's it fixed? Just updating setup.cfg for each project.
Packaging is pretty much a blackbox to me (and I don't think I'm the only 
one with
that view). Letting us know about a problem is great, but a way to resolve 
would be even better.

Steve Martinelli
Keystone Core

Thomas Goirand <zigo at debian.org> wrote on 03/08/2015 06:51:38 PM:

> From: Thomas Goirand <zigo at debian.org>
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> Date: 03/08/2015 06:57 PM
> Subject: [openstack-dev] Enforcing correct short and long 
> description of packages we produce
> Sorry guys, for writing it this way, but really... I'm sick and tired of
> the absence of relevant short and long description on almost every
> component we produce. Look at this one:
> https://pypi.python.org/pypi/oslo.policy
> Is it so hard to produce 3 lines of long description? Can't we have a
> rule which enforces no library can graduate with such a poor 
> No, that's not *only* about me having to write a correct package
> description, otherwise risking to be pointed out as careless by other
> Debian developers. It's also about new comers to OpenStack. Let's
> imagine an OpenStack newbie. Do you think it's normal that he needs to
> search for hours in the docs, and sometimes even in the code, just to
> figure out what the hell a given Oslo lib does?
> Do you think it makes anyone willing to use a lib, when one has to
> search for the definition of RBAC? (hint: it's looking like this means
> Role Based Access Control, but I didn't find out yet what's the
> difference between RBAC and an ACL...)
> Really, I don't wish to appear as a moron, but I've been crying about
> this for at least 2 or 3 years, and I see no progress. I think it's more
> than time to enforce a rule using a gate test or something to prevent
> this to happen again.
> Cheers,
> Thomas Goirand (zigo)
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