[openstack-dev] Some questions about Openstack version and module versions

Kaluarachchi, Weranga weranga.kaluarachchi at sap.com
Thu Mar 5 21:39:36 UTC 2015

I'm a developer at SAP and interested on understanding How Openstack works. I would really appreciate if some of you can explain the following questions I have.

1.       How we connect certain version of Openstack with its module versions? Eg: Openstack Juno and Nova folsom-rc3

2.       If I want to install Openstack Juno then how do I know which versions of modules I have to install. Because modules has its own versions.

3.       What are the naming conventions of the module? Is there a connection between Openstack version naming and the module version naming?

4.       Do we need to know the module updates as developers?

5.       How do you update Openstack from an older version to a newer version? Do we have to update module by module?

Thank you very much in advance.

Weranga Kaluarachchi
SAP Canada | 910 Mainland Street, Vancouver, BC, V6B 1A9
Phone: 604-974-2297 | mailto: weranga.kaluarachchi at sap.com<mailto:weranga.kaluarachchi at sap.com%0d>

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