[openstack-dev] [ceilometer] Aodh has been imported, next steps

Julien Danjou julien at danjou.info
Tue Jun 30 08:09:41 UTC 2015

On Mon, Jun 29 2015, Ildikó Váncsa wrote:

> I think removing options from the API requires version bump. So if we plan to
> do this, that should be introduced in v3 as opposed to v2, which should remain
> the same and maintained for two cycles (assuming that we still have this policy
> in OpenStack). It this is achievable by removing the old code and relying on
> the new repo that would be the best, if not then we need to figure out how to
> freeze the old code.

This is not an API change as we're not modifying anything in the API.
It's just the endpoint *potentially* split in two. But you can also
merge them as they are 2 separate entities (/v2/alarms and /v2/*).
So there's no need for a v3 here.

As the consensus goes toward removal, I'll work on a patch for that.

Julien Danjou
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