[openstack-dev] [TripleO][Heat] Tuskar v. Heat responsibilities

Jay Dobies jason.dobies at redhat.com
Mon Jun 29 14:14:58 UTC 2015

> FWIW, I liked what you were proposing in the other thread. In thinking
> about the deployment flow in the Tuskar-UI, I think it would enable
> exposing and setting the nested stack parameters easily (you choose
> various resources as displayed in a widget, click a reload/refresh
> button, and new parameters are exposed).

I agree, I was thinking something similar too. There's a step to pick 
the larger decisions (implementations of resource types) and then a 
refresh that will ask Heat to recalculate the full set of parameters.

> What might also be neat is if something like heatclient then had
> support to automatically generate stub yaml environment files based on
> the output of the template-validate. So it could spit out a yaml file
> that had a parameter_defaults: section with all the expected
> parameters and their default values, that way the user could then just
> edit that stub to complete the required inputs.

This is similar to what Tuskar API was looking to do. I think it'd be 
awesome to see Heat support it natively.

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