[openstack-dev] [VPNaas]How to load kernel module with IPSec?

Zhi Chang changzhi at unitedstack.com
Mon Jun 29 12:25:05 UTC 2015

Hi, thanks for you reply.
My OS is CentOS 6.5 and doing an OpenStack install, and my OpenStack verison is I.

Zhi Chang
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Curious as to what operating system you are using and which release?

Are you running under DevStack or doing an OpenStack install?


Paul Michali (pc_m)

On Mon, Jun 29, 2015 at 6:31 AM Zhi Chang <changzhi at unitedstack.com> wrote:

Hi, all
    I have some questions about how to load kernel module of IPSec. I'm using Openswan to build VPNaas and there is a error message says "no kernel code presently loaded" when I run "ipsec verify". My solution is running "service ipsec start" on host to load kernel module. Everything goes okay when I run it. But I think the solution is too ungraceful. Does anyone have a simple solution to resolve this problem instead of run "service ipsec start"?

Zhi Chang

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