[openstack-dev] [TripleO] Splitting out dib-core

Gregory Haynes greg at greghaynes.net
Fri Jun 26 17:56:54 UTC 2015

Excerpts from Clint Byrum's message of 2015-06-26 17:21:29 +0000:
> Excerpts from Gregory Haynes's message of 2015-06-26 08:17:36 -0700:
> > Hello TripleOers,
> > 
> > At the last mid-cycle we briefly discussed whether we should have
> > separate groups for tripleo and DIB core and decided it wasn't
> > necessary. I would like to revisit that topic.
> > 
> > It seems clear to me that we have some existing tripleo cores who are
> > becoming less familiar with the tripleo project as a whole but are
> > highly active in the DIB project. We also have new contributors who are
> > fairly active in the DIB project but are not active in the other tripleo
> > projects. I would really like a path where new contributors like this
> > can become core on DIB but that isn't really an option right now with
> > one core group for both tripleo and DIB.
> > 
> > I'd like to propose we make a new gerrit group for dib-core and add the
> > existing tripleo-core members to it (note: this is different than adding
> > tripleo-core as a member group of dib-core, which is an alternative).
> > This would mean that new tripleo cores would not automatically be DIB
> > cores, and new DIB cores would not automatically be tripleo cores.
> Why wouldn't we just make dib-core a sub-team for people not familiar
> with the broader TripleO effort, and just add tripleo-core to dib-core?

If I parse this correctly - you're asking about making dib-core a
superset of tripleo-core. I actually hadn't considered this, and I think
it's a good idea. The only reason way may not want this is if tripleo is
drifting far enough away from DIB that it doesnt make sense for new
tripleo cores to become DIB cores, but I don't think that is the case.

So, +1 on that idea.

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