[openstack-dev] [TripleO] package based overcloud upgrades

Dan Smith dms at danplanet.com
Thu Jun 25 20:57:14 UTC 2015

> Yeah I think it's fair to say this is just the first step of probably
> several iterations towards fully orchestrated upgrades such as you
> describe, atm really it's just a way of pushing out minor updates not
> version-to-version upgrades (yet).

Okay, that's cool, I just wanted to make sure I understood the scope of
short-term and longer-term plans. Obviously tackling the minor updates
part first makes a lot of sense. I think that keeping the bigger picture
in mind will help ensure we don't have to redesign things when we set
our sights on the larger picture.

> You're right to point out how much work is still to be done, both in the
> services themselves (to tolerate unexpected restart and DB/RPC version
> mismatches), and in defining/automating the workflow which drives the
> upgrade.
> There are a few ways to achieve the rolling update you refer to, and work
> is going on in both heat and tripleo-common which will help enable this in
> future.

Cool, I just want to make sure that the work we're doing in Nova and
other projects meshes with higher-level plans in this area. Nova is
probably due for a blog post detailing the high-level rolling upgrade
steps, which would help paint the picture of what tools we're building
and expectations we're making.


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