[openstack-dev] [TripleO] package based overcloud upgrades

Dan Prince dprince at redhat.com
Thu Jun 25 18:50:21 UTC 2015


I put together a quick etherpad to help outline the remaining patches
left to support package based upgrades within the TripleO heat


The etherpad includes a brief overview of the upgrade approach, a list
of patches related to upgrades, and then instructions on how you can go
about testing upgrades with devtest today.

I'm really excited about the progress here because upgrades,
specifically the ability to easily upgrade an Overcloud, is something
we've been chasing in TripleO for some time now.

It is nice to see progress here. Thanks to all who have helped w/ the
effort (Steve Baker, Steve Hardy, Zane Bitter especially).

Feel free to add thoughts here or to the etherpad directly.


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