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On 06/20/2015 02:46 PM, Sajeesh Cimson Sasi wrote:
Hi All,
   I need your advice for the implementation of the following blueprint. https://review.openstack.org/#/c/160605 .
   All the use cases mentioned in the blueprint have  been implemented and the complete code is up for review.
  However, we have an issue on which we need your input. In the nova quota api call, keystone calls are made to
  get the parent_id and the child project or sub project list. This is required because nova doesn't store any information
  regarding the hierarchy. Hierarchy Information is  taken during run time,  from keystone. Since the keystone calls are
  made inside the api call, it is not possible to give any dummy or  fake values while writing the unit tests. If the keystone
  call was made outside the api call, we could have given fake values in the test cases. However,  the keystone calls for
   parent_id and child projects are made inside the api call.
  Can anyone suggest an elegant solution to this problem? What is the proper way to implement this ?
    Did anybody encounter and solve a  similar  problem ? Many thanks for any suggestions!
         best regards

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If you are talking to a live Keystone server, make sure you are using valid data.

If you are not talking to a live keystone server in a unit test, use RequestsMock or equivalent (varied by project)  to handle the HTTP request and response.

A worst case approach is to monkey patch the Keystoneclient.  Please don't do that if you can avoid it;  better to provide a mock alternative.

Hi Adam,
               Thanks a lot. I am not planning to talk to the live keystone server in the unit test.
               I don't think that I need to monkey patch the KeystoneClient. In the nova api code, there are two methods (get_parent_project and get_immediate_child_list),which uses keystoneclient.I can monkey patch those two methods to return fixed data according to a fake hierarchy. Am I right ?
              best regards
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