[openstack-dev] [all] [qpid] [zmq] [RabbitMQ] [oslo] Pending deprecation of driver(s).

Adam Young ayoung at redhat.com
Mon Jun 22 18:26:54 UTC 2015

On 06/20/2015 10:28 AM, Flavio Percoco wrote:
> As promissed: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/193804/
> Cheers, 
You can't deprecate a driver without providing a viable alternative.

Right now, QPID is the only driver that supports  Kerberos.

TO support Kerberos, tyou need support for the GSSAPI library, which is 
usually done via support for SASL.  Why is it so convoluted...historical...

We've talked with both teams (I work with Ken) and I think Proton is 
likely going to be the first to have support.  The folks working on 
Rabbit have the double hurdle of getting SASL support into Erlang first, 
and then support for SASL into Rabbit. They've indicated a preference 
for getting it in to the AMQP 1.0 driver, and not bothering with the 
exisiting, but, check me on this, the Oso.Messaging  code only support 
the pre 1.0 Rabbit.

So..until we have a viable alternative, please leave QPID alone. I've 
not been bothering people about it, as there seems to be work to get 
ahead, but until either Rabbit or  Proton support Kerberos, I need QPID 
as is.

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