[openstack-dev] [glance] Progress of the Python 3 port

Victor Stinner vstinner at redhat.com
Mon Jun 22 09:04:06 UTC 2015


We made great progress on porting Glance to Python 3. tox -e py34 now 
pass with a subset of tests and there is a non-voting py34 check job. I 
propose to make the py34 gate voting to avoid Python 3 regressions:

"Make gate-glance-python34 voting"

When the py34 will become voting, it will no more possible to introduce 
code incompatible with Python 3, at least in the code tested by tox -e py34.

Currently, py34 uses the development branch of glance_store because 
there is no release including my Python 3 fixes. For glance_store, it 
would be nice if someone can review my last patches:


With these 3 patches to port drivers, it becomes to possible to run all 
tests in "tox -e py34", not only a subset of tests. So glance_store will 
be fully compatible with Python 3. My current patch "tox -e py34: use a 
subset of working tests" may be updated to run all tests, not only a 
subset, when other py3 patches will be merged.

Glance currently only uses PyMySQL on Python 3. For Python 2, there is a 
pending patch. It was blocked by oslo.db which didn't use PyMySQL. It 
changed: oslo.db now also uses PyMySQL driver by default for MySQL (but 
there is no release yet including this change). Glance patch:

"Switch from MySQL-python to PyMySQL"


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