[openstack-dev] Debian already using Python 3.5: please gate on that

Victor Stinner vstinner at redhat.com
Mon Jun 22 08:02:14 UTC 2015


Le 18/06/2015 15:44, Thomas Goirand a écrit :
> As per the subject line, we already have Python 3.5 in Debian (AFAICT,
> from Debian Experimental, in version beta 2). As a consequence, we're
> already running (unit) tests using Python 3.5. Some have failures: I
> could see issues in ceilometerclient, keystoneclient, glanceclient and
> more (yes, I am planning to report these issues, and we already started
> doing so).

Can you please share the list of issues? I may take a look.

Python 3.5 is not supposed to break backward compatibility.

Sorry, I don't remember which one, but I remember that a project is 
running tests using the default (development) branch of CPython, and it 
already helped us (CPython) to fix issues before the final release.

I don't think that OpenStack has resources (CPU and manpower) to run 
OpenStack tests on top of CPython default, nor on a beta version.

But as I wrote, I'm interested to take a look at issues with Python 3.5 ;-)


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