[openstack-dev] [neutron][ml2] - generic port binding for ml2 and dvr

Vasudevan, Swaminathan (PNB Roseville) swaminathan.vasudevan at hp.com
Fri Jun 19 18:53:35 UTC 2015

Hi Rob Kukura,
We are seeing an issue in the ML2 device_context that was modified by you in a recent patch to get everything from the PortContext instead of the DVR context.
Right now the PortContext does not seem to return the "DVRbinding" status, but just returns the PortContext and it errors out, since the PortContext does not have the attribute "status".


The error is seen when you try to "update" a distributed virtual router interface.

It errors out in "port_update_postcommit".

You have mentioned in your "TODO" comments that it would be addressed by the bug 1367391, but I still see a patch in WIP waiting for review.

Can you take a look at this bug please.


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