[openstack-dev] [neutron][db] online schema upgrades

Ihar Hrachyshka ihrachys at redhat.com
Wed Jun 17 16:40:24 UTC 2015

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On 06/17/2015 11:27 AM, Anna Kamyshnikova wrote:
> Ihar, thanks for bringing this up!
> This is very interesting and I think it worth trying. I'm +1 on
> that and want to participate in this work.


> In fact a lot *not strict* migrations are removed with
> juno_initial, so I hope it won't be so hard for now to apply
> stricter rules for migration. But what is the plan for those
> migrations that are *not strict* now?

Still, we have several live data migrations from Juno to Kilo:

- - 14be42f3d0a5_default_sec_group_table.py: populates db with default
security groups;

- - 16cdf118d31d_extra_dhcp_options_ipv6_support.py: populates
extraqdhcpopts with default ip_version = 4;

- - 2d2a8a565438_hierarchical_binding.py: populates db with
port_binding_levels objects, then drops old tables;

- - 35a0f3365720_add_port_security_in_ml2.py: port security field is
populated with True for ports and networks;

- - 034883111f_remove_subnetpool_allow_overlap.py: drops allow_overlap
column from subnetpools: probably unused so we can be ok with it?..

In any case, the plan for existing migration rules is: don't touch
them. Their presence in N release just indicates that we cannot get
online db migration in N+1. That's why we should adopt strict rules
the earlier the better, so that opportunity does not slip to N+X where
X is too far.

The patches currently in review that look suspicious in this regard are:
- - I4ff7db0f5fa12b0fd1c6b10318e9177fde0210d7: moves data from one table
into another;
- - Iecb3e168a805fc5f3d59d894c3f0d9298505e872: fills new columns with
default server values (why is it even needed?..);
- - Icde55742aa78ed995bac0896c01c80c9d28aa0cf: alter_column(). Not sure
we are ok with it;
- - I66b3ee8c2f9fa6f04b9e89dc49d1a3d277d63191: probably not an issue
though since it touches existing live data impact rule?

(the list can be incomplete)

> I think that we should try to use Alembic as much we could as Mike
> is going to support us in that and we have time to make some change
> in Alembic directly.

Yes, sure, I'm looking forward to see Mike's proposal in public.

> We should undoubtedly plan this work for M release because there
> will be some issues that will appear in the process.


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