[openstack-dev] Liberty mid-cycle meetups?

Geoff Arnold geoff at geoffarnold.com
Mon Jun 15 22:34:28 UTC 2015

I’ve been trying to pull together a list of Liberty mid-cycle meetups from emails, Etherpads, wikis, etc. Many of the usual suspects are missing. Can we use this thread to gather the full list? (Alternatively, if there’s an authoritative source that I’ve missed, please share the link.)

What I have so far:

Kolla    — San Jose, CA     — TBD
Murano   — Virtual          — TBD
Nova     — Rochester, MN    — July 21-23
Keystone — Boston, MA       — July 15-17
Neutron  — Fort Collins, CO — June 24-26
Cinder   — Fort Collins, CO — August 4-7
Barbican — Laurel, MD       — August 5-7
Ironic   — Seattle, WA      — August 12-14 (tentative)


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