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Hi All

On 27/05/15 09:14, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> tl;dr: - We'd like to push distribution packaging of OpenStack on
> upstream gerrit with reviews. - The intention is to better share
> the workload, and improve the overall QA for packaging *and*
> upstream. - The goal is *not* to publish packages upstream -
> There's an ongoing discussion about using stackforge or openstack. 
> This isn't, IMO, that important, what's important is to get
> started. - There's an ongoing discussion about using a distribution
> specific namespace, my own opinion here is that using
> /openstack-pkg-{deb,rpm} or /stackforge-pkg-{deb,rpm} would be the
> most convenient because of a number of technical reasons like the
> amount of Git repository. - Finally, let's not discuss for too long
> and let's do it!!!

While working to re-align the dependency chain for OpenStack between
Debian and Ubuntu 15.10, and in preparation for the first Liberty
milestone, my team and I have been reflecting  on the proposal to make
Ubuntu and Debian packaging of OpenStack a full OpenStack project.

We’ve come to the conclusion that for Debian and Ubuntu the best place
for us to collaborate on packaging is actually in the distributions,
as we do today, and not upstream in OpenStack.

Ubuntu has collaborated effectively with Debian since its inception
and has an effective set of tools to support the flow of packaging
(from Debian), bug reports and patches (to Debian) that have proven
effective, in terms of both efficiency and value, ever since I’ve been
working across both distributions.

This process allows each distribution to maintain its own direction,
whilst ensuring that any value that might be derived from
collaboration is supported with as minimal overhead as possible.

We understand and have communicated from the start of this
conversation that we will need to be able to maintain deltas between
Debian and Ubuntu - for both technical reasons, in the way the
distributions work (think Ubuntu main vs universe), as well as
objectives that each distribution has in terms of the way packaging
should work.

We don’t think that’s going to be made any easier by moving all of the
packaging under the OpenStack project - it just feels like we’re
trying to push a solved problem somewhere else, and then re-solve it
in a whole new set of ways.

The problem of managing delta and allowing a good level of
distribution independence is still going to continue to exist and will
be more difficult to manage due to the tighter coupling of development
process and teams than we have today.

On this basis, we're -1 on taking this proposal forward.

That said, we do appreciate that the Ubuntu packaging for OpenStack is
not as accessible as it might be using Bazaar as a VCS. In order to
provide a more familiar experience to developers and operators looking
to contribute to the wider Openstack ecosystem we will be moving our
OpenStack packaging branches over to the new Git support in Launchpad
in the next few weeks.



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