[openstack-dev] [TripleO] a bad week for CI

Dan Prince dprince at redhat.com
Sun Jun 14 17:50:40 UTC 2015

Last week was a really bad week for TripleO CI. Several breaking
changes (2 of which Fedora package related) kept at least a subset of
the jobs down for over half the week. Here is a brief summary of the
issues we hit along with links to some of the work arounds.

Fedora 21: python-address package breaks python-ipaddr

Puppet keystone: pki setup was broken (this revert was accepted and a
proper fix is in the works)

Nova: Ironic ephemeral partitions aren't present (We may need to look
for a proper "roll forward" fix for this as the breaking change fixed a
BDM bug with virt Nova drivers.... but breaks the Ironic ephemeral
partition entirely)

Fedora 21: keepalived package update breaks some VIPs (still need to
file a Fedora bugzilla with more details to get this package fixed)

If you are trying to spin up your own TripleO dev environments you will
likely need to cherry pick at least one of these in order to have a
working setup depending on if you use Fedora and are using Puppet
(which may alleviate the need for the Ironic ephemeral partition).


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