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Sat Jun 13 11:52:36 UTC 2015

6/13/15 01:55, Clint Byrum пишет:
> Excerpts from Alec Hothan (ahothan)'s message of 2015-06-12 13:41:17 -0700:
>> On 6/1/15, 5:03 PM, "Davanum Srinivas" <davanum at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> fyi, the spec for zeromq driver in oslo.messaging is here:
>>> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/187338/1/specs/liberty/zmq-patterns-usage
>>> .rst,unified
>>> -- dims
>> I was about to provide some email comments on the above review off gerrit,
>> but figured maybe it would be good to make a quick status of the state of
>> this general effort for pushing out a better zmq driver for oslo essaging.
>> So I started to look around the oslo/zeromq wiki and saw few email threads
>> that drew my interest.
>> In this email (Nov 2014) Ilya proposes about getting rid of a central
>> broker for zmq:
>> http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2014-November/050701.htm
>> l
>> Not clear if Ilya already had in mind to instead have a local proxy on
>> every node (as proposed in the above spec)
>> In this email (mar 2014), Yatin described the prospect of using zmq in a
>> completely broker-less way (so not even a proxy per node), with the use of
>> matchmaker rings to configure well known ports.
>> http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2014-March/030411.html
>> Which is pretty close to what I think would be a better design (with the
>> variant that I'd rather see a robust and highly available name server
>> instead of fixed port assignments), I'd be interested to know what
>> happened to that proposal and why we ended up with a proxy per node
>> solution at this stage (I'll reply to the proxy per node design in a
>> separate email to complement my gerrit comments).
>> I could not find one document that summarizes the list of issues related
>> to rabbitMQ deployments, all it appears is that many people are unhappy
>> with it, some are willing to switch to zmq, many are hesitant and some are
>> decidedly skeptical. On my side I know a number of issues related to oslo
>> messaging over rabbitMQ.
>> I think it is important for the community to understand that of the many
>> issues generally attributed to oslo messaging over rabbitMQ, not all of
>> them are caused by the choice of rabbitMQ as a transport (and hence those
>> will likely not be fixed if we just switched from rabbitMQ to ZMQ) and
>> many are actually caused by the misuse of oslo messaging by the apps
>> (Neutron, Nova...) and can only be fixed by modification of the app code.
>> I think personally that there is a strong case for a properly designed ZMQ
>> driver but we first need to make the expectations very clear.
>> One long standing issue I can see is the fact that the oslo messaging API
>> documentation is sorely lacking details on critical areas such as API
>> behavior during fault conditions, load conditions and scale conditions.
>> As a result, app developers are using the APIs sometimes indiscriminately
>> and that will have an impact on the overall quality of openstack in
>> deployment conditions.
>> I understand that a lot of the existing code was written in a hurry and
>> good enough to work properly on small setups, but some code will break
>> really badly under load or when things start to go south in the cloud.
>> That is unless the community realizes that perhaps there is something that
>> needs to be done.
>> We're only starting to see today things breaking under load because we
>> have more lab tests at scale, more deployments at scale and we only start
>> to see real system level testing at scale with HA testing (the kind of
>> test where you inject load and cause failures of all sorts). Today we know
>> that openstack behaves terribly in these conditions, even in so-called HA
>> deployments!
>> As a first step, would it be useful to have one single official document
>> that characterizes all the issues we're trying to fix and perhaps used
>> that document as a basis for showing which of all these issues will be
>> fixed by the use of the zmq driver? I think that could help us focus
>> better on the type of requirements we need from this new ZMQ driver.
> I think you missed "it is not tested in the gate" as a root cause for
> some of the ambiguity.
It is not missed. Passing the devstack-gate is a first requirement of 
of a new driver implementation and it mentioned in the spec.
> Anecdotes and bug reports are super important for
> knowing where to invest next, but a test suite would at least establish a
> base line and prevent the sort of thrashing and confusion that comes from
> such a diverse community of users feeding bug reports into the system.
> Also, not having a test in the gate is a serious infraction now, and will
> lead to zmq's removal from oslo.messaging now that we have a ratified
> policy requiring this. I suggest a first step being to strive to get a
> devstack-gate job that runs using zmq instead of rabbitmq. You can
> trigger it in oslo.messaging's check pipeline, and make it non-voting,
> but eventually it needs to get into nova, neutron, cinder, heat, etc.
> etc. Without that, you'll find that the community of potential
> benefactors of any effort you put into zmq will shrink dramatically when
> we are forced to remove the driver from oslo.messaging (it can of course
> live on out of tree).
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