[openstack-dev] [Security][VMT] OSSG CoreSec Positions

Clark, Robert Graham robert.clark at hp.com
Thu Jun 11 05:08:35 UTC 2015


OSSG CoreSec is a private group on Launchpad, it consists of established Security Project team members who are on hand to be called in by the VMT to consult on vulnerabilities and discuss possible mitigations.

We require two new members, as with other project ‘cores’ I suggest a nominations process. If you’ve worked closely with someone from the Security Project whom you think would make a good member of the CoreSec team please nominate them by email with a Subject: “[Security] Nominating Joe Blogs for Security CoreSec” with a few words in the body to describe why you’d think that person would be a good fit.

If you agree with a nomination please +1 it.


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