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Emilien Macchi emilien at redhat.com
Thu Jun 11 03:42:55 UTC 2015


Before reading this e-mail, please keep in mind:

* I have a lot of admiration for Fuel and since I'm working on OpenStack
Installers (at eNovance and now Red Hat), Fuel is something I always
consider a good product.
* This e-mail is about Fuel and Puppet, nothing about Mirantis.
* I'm writing on behalf of my thoughts, and not on our group.
* I'm using open mailing-list for open discussion. There is not bad
spirit in this e-mail and I want to have a productive thread.

I have some concerns I would like to share with you and hopefully find
some solutions together.

Since I've been working on Puppet OpenStack (2 years now), I see some
situations that happen - according to me - too often:

* A bug is reported in both Fuel Library and the Puppet module having
trouble. A patch is provided in Fuel Library (your fork of Puppet
OpenStack modules) but not in Puppet upstream module. That means you fix
the bug for Fuel, and not for Puppet OpenStack community. It does not
happen all the time but quite often.

* A patch is submitted in a Puppet module and quite often does not land
because there is no activity, no tests or is abandonned later because
fixed in Fuel Library. I've noticed the patch is fixed in Fuel Library

* RAW copy/paste between upstream modules code and your forks. In term
of Licensing, I'm even not sure you have the right to do that (I'm not a
CLA expert though) but well... in term of authorship and statistics on
code, I'm not sure it's fair. Using submodules with custom patches would
have been great to respect the authors who created the original code and
you could have personalize the manifests.

Note: you can see that I don't give any example because I'm not here to
blame people or judge anyone.

So the goal of my e-mail is to open the discussion and have a *real*
collaboration between Fuel team which seems to have a lot of good Puppet
engineers and Puppet OpenStack team.

We had this kind of discussion at the Summit (in Vancouver and also
Paris, and even before). Now I would like to officialy know if you are
interested or not to be more involved.
I'm also open at any feedback about Puppet OpenStack group and if
something blocks you to contribute more.

We have the same goals, having Puppet modules better. I think it can be
win/win: you have less diff with upstream and we have more hands in our
module maintenance.
Thank you for reading so far, and I'm looking forward to reading from you.

Best regards,
Emilien Macchi

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