[openstack-dev] [sahara] Migrating to use Keystone Session objects

michael mccune msm at redhat.com
Tue Jun 9 19:56:51 UTC 2015

hi saharans,

i have been doing some research into converting our current 
authentication to use the Keystone Session objects[1] instead of the 
various methods that are now used with the openstack clients.

this effort has some wide-ranging implications as we will need to 
convert our usage of openstack clients to accept a new workflow. as part 
of this we might need to change our Context object to retain a Session 
instead of the current authentication information. it may even be 
possible to greatly simplify the information that the Context object 

i think this work can logically be broken into several parts, the first 
part would involve changing the creation of Keystone Client objects to 
be generated from a Session. after this change, the next step would 
involve changing the various openstack client objects that are in use to 
be created from Sessions instead.

i am working on a spec for this but i have heard from Sergey Reshetnyak 
during the IRC meeting that he and Andrey Pavlov had interest in this 
topic as well. i wanted to start something on the mailing list for us to 
discuss the progress of this effort. so, my questions are:

should i continue to draft a spec surrounding this, or is Andrey looking 
into a spec as well?

assuming i continue to draft a spec, would Andrey, or anyone else, want 
to be added as contributors?

alternatively, would someone else like to take the lead on the 

if we have multiple people working on this it might be easier to break 
up all the client work that needs to be done. i think we will need to 
clearly organize the effort and this is where the spec comes in.



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