[openstack-dev] [neutron] New RFE process and specs for Liberty

Kyle Mestery mestery at mestery.com
Mon Jun 8 20:52:23 UTC 2015

tl;dr: Neutron has a new process for filing feature requests and dealing
with specs. See [1] and [2] for more specific details. We no longer have
spec deadlines. Existing specs will be reviewed until Liberty-1.

The long version:
Before the summit, a bunch of Neutron community members began the process
of evaluating where we were with regards to the specs process and landing
new features in Neutron. It became apparent the process we were using
wasn't working for Neutron and we decided to make changes. The new process
is built around RFEs (Request for Feature Enhancements). We are now
focusing on Use Cases and trying to tease out the "What" instead of the
"How" (thanks Maru) when evaluating these. We're also moving more detailed
documentation (still required) in-tree instead of in neutron-specs.

Please see the in-tree devref documentation [1] and a blog I wrote [2] for
more details on this process. The bottom line is that we'd like to improve
the process for adding features and open it up more to operators. The
current process required a deep understanding of Neutron to submit a useful
spec with a chance of landing. The new process allows for anyone to file a
feature request without understanding the code at a deep level.

I'll reiterate that we no longer have deadlines to file RFEs. It doesn't
mean you can file one in August and expect it to have code landed in the
Liberty release.


[2] http://www.siliconloons.com/posts/2015-06-01-new-neutron-rfe-process/
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