[openstack-dev] Why do we drop branches? (WAS: Re: Targeting icehouse-eol?)

Ihar Hrachyshka ihrachys at redhat.com
Thu Jun 4 14:23:12 UTC 2015

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On 06/04/2015 04:15 PM, Alan Pevec wrote:
>>>> The only open question I have is if we need to do an Icehouse
>>>> point release prior to the tag and dropping the branch, but I
>>>> don't think that's happened in the past with branch end of
>>>> life - the eol tag basically serves as the placeholder to the
>>>> last 'release'.
>>> I don't think we need to do a point release, there will be the
>>> icehouse-eol tag which will mark the same thing. But, even if
>>> we later decide to add a point release to mark the same thing
>>> it is trivial to push another tag for the same sha1.
>> I CC-ed the stable branch release managers for their opinion on
>> it. We definitely announced a 2014.1.5 last icehouse release, so
>> I think we should probably do one. Ideally we would have time to
>> coordinate it in the coming week so that both plans are
>> compatible.
> Based on previoius 15 months plan, 2014.1.5 was targeting July
> 2015, so releasing it next week would be close enough: 
> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/StableBranchRelease#Planned_stable.2Fi
>  I'm not sure if release machinery would work after removing the
> branch so let's release this last one (codename: Farewell ?) point
> release. I can do this next week after we finish pending reviews.

Why do we even drop stable branches? If anything, it introduces
unneeded problems to those who have their scripts/cookbooks set to
chase those branches. They would need to switch to eol tag. Why not
just leaving them sitting there, marked read only?

It becomes especially important now that we say that stable HEAD *is*
a stable release.

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