[openstack-dev] [all][infra][tc][ptl] Scaling up code review process (subdir cores)

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Wed Jun 3 19:34:49 UTC 2015

On 2015-06-03 11:45:57 -0700 (-0700), Joshua Harlow wrote:
> If boris (and friends) will make the needed changes to jenkins or
> other to have whatever ACL format (avoid a turing complete
> language please)

The proposal is to introduce Prolog into the Gerrit ACLs to match on
file patterns; that's why I referred to "a turing complete
language." These would necessarily be baked into each project's ACL
that needed to use them, and would be up to the Infra project-config
reviewers to review any time the directory structure within a
project changes and impacts the per-project custom scripting
required to support it.

This was already discussed in IRC and the Infra PTL suggested to
"dry-run" the model before dragging in new parts of Gerrit we've not
been using yet. The suggestion was to start a mailing list thread to
see if other projects had similar conceptual models they were
following so as to try and build consensus, not to appeal to the
community in an attempt to get them to counter our advice about
throwing new technical solutions at a problem (and necessarily
increasing the burden on us) before figuring out if it even makes
sense as something we should spend our limited person-hour resources

Keep in mind, we went into the Liberty Design Summit with plenty of
backlog, and came out with even more priorities to tackle. Is
support for this something the community would like to see us
spending our time on _instead_ of some of those other priorities?
Jeremy Stanley

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