[openstack-dev] python-novaclient 2.26.0 released

Matt Riedemann mriedem at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Wed Jun 3 18:06:26 UTC 2015

The Nova team is beside themselves with glee to release 
python-novaclient 2.26.0.



acf6d1f Remove unused novaclient.tests.unit.v2.utils module
3502c8a Add documentation on command deprecation process
23f1343 Deprecate volume/volume-type/volume-snapshot CRUD CLIs/APIs
e649cea Do not check requirements when loading entry points
0a327ce Eliminate test comprehensions
aa4c947 Remove redundant check for version of `requests`
22569f2 Use clouds.yaml for functional test credentials
6379287 pass credentials via config file instead of magic
9cfecf9 server-group-list support 'all_projects' parameter
de4e40a add ips to novaclient server manager

NOTE: The volume APIs/CLIs are now deprecated and will be removed in the 
first python-novaclient release after the Nova 2016.1 Mujina release.



Matt Riedemann

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