[openstack-dev] [Murano] Help needed with TOSCA support in Murano

Vahid S Hashemian vahidhashemian at us.ibm.com
Wed Jun 3 00:02:39 UTC 2015

Hi Gosha,

Thank you very much for your message.

Before I can answer your question I would need to better understand how 
Murano handles life-cycle operations that you mentioned.
I hope you can bear with me with these questions or point me to documents 
that I need to read.

When I deploy an environment in Murano I see that a Heat stack is created 
and deployed.
If later I add a new component to the environment and redeploy I see a 
second stack added to stack list which seems to include only the resources 
associated with the new component; as if the old components in the 
environment are not touched.
Also, in the scenario you mentioned you referred to adding applications to 
a running stack. It seems to me that any such update to the stack would 
not require modifying the existing stack resources (except for delete).
Is this a correct observation?
Is there a scenario where an environment update would require updates to 
existing components? If so how does Murano handle that case?

Thank you in advance for your insights.


Vahid Hashemian
Advisory Software Engineer, IBM Cloud Labs
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