[openstack-dev] [puppet] RabbitMQ deprecation

Clayton O'Neill clayton at oneill.net
Tue Jun 2 15:31:45 UTC 2015

I've spent some time trying to eliminate the number of deprecation warnings
we have in preparation for our upgrade to Kilo.  One of the ones that I got
stuck on is the nova::rabbitmq::rabbitmq_class parameter.

If this parameter is specified, and it is by default, then the class will
include the rabbitmq class given by name, but it also the sets up useful
dependencies between nova and RabbitMQ.  For example, it will ensure that
RabbitMQ is running before nova is started.

It seems to me that this needs to be split into two sets of functionality.

    * Not deprecated
    * if provided then it will be used to set up dependencies.
    * Defaults to rabbitmq.
    * This should perhaps just be hard coded to be rabbitmq now.

    * Deprecated
    * If specified, configures and sets up rabbitmq, including the class.
    * Defaults to ???

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