[openstack-dev] [Neutron][LBaaS] No LBaaS agent?

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Have a look here:

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Is there a way to add an LBaaS service without having to use neutron plugin/agent framework?

I want to add a LBaaS service without  an LBaaS agent running and still want to have lb cli and horizon.  When the user configure loadbalance via cli or horizon, neutron will send the events(pool, member, vip create/delete event)in the notification info queue and our application will listen to the queue and program  the LBaaS box.  So far, I have tried to enable the built-in HAProxy LBaaS(enable the service_plugin to be LoadBalancerPlugin and service provider to be haproxy).  By doing that , horizon and cli are all enabled and our application can successfully program LBaaS box using the notification events.  The problem with that is that there is a haproxy agent running in the background although we are not using its function.  But if I don't enable the agent, we can not use horizon.  Currently we don't want to write a LBaaS agent of our own.  Is there a way to not to use LBaaS agent and still  be able to use horizon/cli to configure loadbalance?  During openstack summit at vancouver, I saw paypal loadbalance presentation, they use two providers, one is agent , the other is agentless controller, not sure how that controller works, could not find it through googling.

Wanjing Xu

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