[openstack-dev] [Glance] [all] Liberty summit: Updates in Glance

John Garbutt john at johngarbutt.com
Mon Jun 1 10:57:18 UTC 2015

> On 26/05/15 13:54 -0400, Nikhil Komawar wrote:
>> On 5/26/15 12:57 PM, Jesse Cook wrote:
>>    We also had some hallway talk about putting the v1 and v2 APIs on top
>> of
>>    the v3 API. This forces faster adoption, verifies supportability via v1
>> and
>>    v2 tests, increases supportability of v1 and v2 APIs, and pushes out
>> the
>>    need to kill v1 API.
>> Let's discuss more as time and development progresses on that possibility.
>> v3
>> API should stay EXPERIMENTAL for now as that would help us understand
>> use-cases
>> across programs as it gets adopted by various code-bases. Putting v1/v2 on
>> top
>> of v3 would be tricky for now as we may have breaking changes with code
>> being
>> relatively-less stable due to narrow review domain.
> I actually think we'd benefit more from having V2 on top of V3 than
> not doing it. I'd probably advocate to make this M material rather
> than L but I think it'd be good.
> I think regardless of what we do, I'd like to kill v1 as it has a
> sharing model that is not secure.

Given v1 has lots of users, killing it will be hard.

If you maintained v1 support as v1 on top of v3 (or v2 I guess), could
you not do something like permanently disable the "bad bits" of the

The idea being, users listing their images, and updating image
metadata via v1, don't get broken during the evolution?

FWIW, moving Nova from glance v1 to glance v2, without breaking Nova's
public API, will require someone getting a big chunk of glance v1 on
top of glance v2.


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