[openstack-dev] how to debug neutron using eclipse pydev?

xueguanwen at hotmail.com xueguanwen at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 30 03:42:39 UTC 2015

Does PyCharm really works? 
i use Pycharm 3.4.1 and  Gevent debugging Enabled,
but i still can not step into the place  i want, pycharm will go to thread.py.

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> We need to update that page. I haven't used PyDev in years, I use PyCharm.
> There's an option in PyCharm called 'Enable Gevent debugging' (Gevent is
> a green threads library very similar to eventlet, which is what we use
> in OpenStack). I read that PyDev 3.7+ has support for Gevent debugging
> as well. Can you check if simply enabling that (And not editing any code)
> solves your issue? If so I can update the wiki with your conclusions.

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