[openstack-dev] [Nova] Non-priority Feature Freeze is Tomorrow (July 30th)

John Garbutt john at johngarbutt.com
Wed Jul 29 18:20:47 UTC 2015


Tomorrow is: Non-priority Feature Freeze

What does this mean? Well...

* bug fixes: no impact, still free to merge
* priority features: no impact, still free to merge
* clean ups: sure we could merge those
* non-priority features (i.e. blueprints with a low priority), you are
no longer free to merge (we are free to re-approve previously approved
things, due to gate issues / merge issues, if needed)

Please note, the full Feature Freeze (and string freeze, etc), are
when we tag liberty-3, which is expected to be on or just after
September 1.

This is all about focusing on merging more Bug Fixes and more Priority
Features. For more details, please see:

Its the same we did last release:

Exceptions, I hear you cry? Lets follow a similar process as we did last time...

If you want an exception:
* please add request in here:
* make sure you make your request before the end of Wednesday 6th August
* nova-drivers will meet to decide what gets an exception (as before)
* with the aim to merge the code for all exceptions by the end of
Monday 10th August

There are unlikely to be many exceptions given, its really just for
exceptional reasons why it didn't get merged in time.

The folks in the nova-meeting tomorrow may need to refine this
process, but if anything changes, we can send out an update to the ML.


Due to time constraints, its likely that it will be on Monday 3rd
August, that I will -2 all non-priority blueprint patches, and
un-approve all low priority blueprints, unless someone gets to that

Please note liberty-2 is already tagged, we are not aligning with the
tag this time, due to miss-aligned dates. Note this will be different
for the final Feature Freeze, which is aligned with liberty-3.

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