[openstack-dev] [nova] kilo progress and feature freeze process

John Garbutt john at johngarbutt.com
Fri Feb 6 12:55:40 UTC 2015


So we have now released kilo-2 and past the non-priority Feature
Freeze for kilo.

Please note 5th March is the General FeatureProposalFreeze:

For kilo we agreed to focus on bug fixes, and the other agreed
priority 'slots'. The plan is we only merge priority items during
kilo-3. For specific change sets that need reviewing, please see:

For those waiting on Blueprint Freeze Exceptions, you should have now
got your answer via a view comment in the nova-specs tree. Mostly, the
answer was please resubmit for the L release. The one exception is the
one remaining priority related nova-spec.

Nova Feature Freeze Process for kilo

At the nova meeting we agreed the following Feature Freeze process:

1) request exception to the mailing list, with a subject containing
the following:

[nova] Feature Freeze Exception Request

In that email please describe why you think this should be merged during kilo-3.

2) The cut off date will be 23.59 UTC on Thursday 12th Feb 2015

After this time, the nova-drivers will meet (time is TBC) and decide
if any of the requests warrant a Feature Freeze Exception. There is a
general aim for zero exceptions, unless its really... exceptional.

The deadline for the nova-drivers to make a decision will the the
nova-meeting on Thursday 19th Feb 2015

3) Once the nova-drivers have decided, they will be details provided
on how to move forward with getting any code merged, or resubmitted
for the L release. (This is the point where we would need to worry
about nova-core sponsors, etc)

Hopefully I have translated the IRC discussion correctly, and in a way
that makes sense. Please do ask if there are any questions.

We do hope these process changes in kilo will: focus our review
efforts so we actually get more things merged, save developers the
rebase pain of an endless wait for a review and respond to our users'
request for stability, scalability, upgradability over features.

Many thanks,

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