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Sheena Gregson sgregson at mirantis.com
Tue Jul 28 16:25:32 UTC 2015

Hey Sergii –

This is excellent feedback, thank you for taking the time to provide your

#1 I agree that the documentation lag is challenging – I’m not sure how to
best address this.  We could potentially prioritize updates to the Plugin
SDK for soon-to-be-released features ahead of the standard release notes
and user guide updates to ensure that plugin developers have access to this
information earlier?  A number of the docs team members will be getting
together in late August to discuss how to improve documentation, I will add
this as a topic if we don’t feel there is good resolution on the mailing

*+Alexander/Evgeny to cc for their input*

#3 Settings tab is getting a facelift in 7.0 and there are now subgroups in
the tab which should make it significantly easier for a user to find plugin
settings.  Each plugin will create a new sub-group in the Settings tab,
like Access (and others) in the screenshot below.

I don’t have any insight on the GitHub issues, so I will wait for others to
weigh in on your concerns there.


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I have started digging into plugins recently. There are many positive
things though I would like to point to some problem areas

1. Documentation

a. It doesn't include the features of 7.0. There are many outstanding
features, though I needed to ping the developers to ask how these features
work. It means that it's almost impossible to develop plugins for upcoming
releases. The external developer needs to wait for documentation so it
creates a lag between release and plugin release.

b. in [1] the statement about 'For Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS' should be extended
to 14.04. Also we don't need to add PATCH version as 12.04.2 is equivalent
to 12.04

c. There is no documentation how to install fpb from github master branch.
It's very useful for developers who want to use latest version. We should
add something

2. Github repository [2] is messed up

a. We are doing the same mistake putting all things into one basket. There
should be 2 repositories. One for examples and one for fpb. What's the goal
of keeping fpb in directory and examples on top? This breaks a couple of

b. I cannot build fpm with simple

pip install git+https://

Instead I am forced to do

git clone https://

cd fuel-plugins

pip install .

c. There is no tags as I can see only stable/6.0

d. There are no tests to improve code quality pep8 flask8, code coverage

e. Repository doesn't follow community standards.

3. Setting tab

When plugin is installed, it's very hard to find in. In setting tab it's
somewhere between A and Z

How is user supposed to find it? There should be a separator between Core
features and plugins. User must easily find, configure, enable/disable them.

P.S. I am asking everyone to add own concerns so we'll be able to make a
plan how to address them.

Thank you in advance.

[1] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Fuel/Plugins#Installation
[2] https://github.com/stackforge/fuel-plugins
Best regards,
Sergii Golovatiuk,
Skype #golserge
IRC #holser
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