[openstack-dev] [CI] Jenkins jobs are not executed when setting up a new CI system.

Tang Chen tangchen at cn.fujitsu.com
Fri Jul 24 07:36:05 UTC 2015

Hi Zaro,

Thanks to reply.

On 07/24/2015 03:06 PM, Zaro wrote:
> That is correctly, the Jenkins UI will not show any info about the 
> gearman queue.  If job is pending in Jenkins that means it's been 
> added to the gearman queue and has been moved to the jenkins build 
> queue.  The jenkins UI will only show the job once it's in the jenkins 
> queue.
> Hmm.  What happens when you manually start a build by click on the 
> build icon in the jenkins UI?  I'm wondering if maybe your labels are 
> configured correctly for your jobs and slaves.  Are there any labels 
> on the job or the nodes (master or slaves)? I think the jobs would be 
> in a pending state if there are labels on nodes and jobs but they do 
> not match.  I would check to see if there are any labels on the jobs 
> and if there are then I would remove all of the labels and try again.  
> There are step by step directions on how to setup the gearman-plugin 
> in the jenkins wiki[1] which also shows you how to debug by viewing 
> the gearman server queue and function registrations.  Try to make sure 
> the functions are registered correctly and that the job is in the 
> queue after you run the gear-client command.
> A couple of questions:
> What version of Jenkins are you running?  I think openstack runs on 
> 1.565.3
> Also I don't think we've ever tested Jenkins and the gearman server 
> running on the same machine or VM.  Maybe one thing you can try is to 
> run them on separate VMs?

I don't have any label, and only a master, no slave.

My jenkins is 1.609.1.

The whole problem is described here:


Please help to check and see.

BTW, I post the problem to #openstack-infra IRC channel. You can join 
into that meeting if you'd like to.


> [1] https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Gearman+Plugin
> On Thu, Jul 23, 2015 at 11:20 PM, Tang Chen <tangchen at cn.fujitsu.com 
> <mailto:tangchen at cn.fujitsu.com>> wrote:
>     On 07/24/2015 12:59 PM, Zaro wrote:
>>     Hello Tang,  Openstack slaves only have a single executor so what
>>     you are probably seeing is due to using build slaves that have
>>     multiple executors.  There were a few bugs[1] that was fixed
>>     recently around these types of deadlock issues.   The new
>>     gearman-plugin release[2] contains fixes for those issues.  Also
>>     if you want to test the gearman-plugin with Jenkins independently
>>     of zuul you can use the simple gearman-plugin-client[3] to send
>>     jobs your gearman server to see if the jobs get built.
>>     [1] https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-28891 and
>>     https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-25867
>>     [2]
>>     http://repo.jenkins-ci.org/repo/org/jenkins-ci/plugins/gearman-plugin/0.1.2/
>>     [3] https://github.com/zaro0508/gearman-plugin-client
>     Hi Zaro,
>     Thanks for the reply.
>     But I updated the gearman plugin to 0.1.2, and used the
>     gearman-plugin-client to submit jobs.
>     # python gear_client.py -s localhost
>     --function=build:noop-check-communication
>     Sat Jul 25 14:16:57 2015
>     Sending job: build:noop-check-communication to localhost with
>     params={'OFFLINE_NODE_WHEN_COMPLETE': 'false', 'uuid':
>     '08ad7a195237493d91eea55789e76128'}
>     Waiting for jobs to finish.................................
>     It doesn't work. The job submitted by the client is also pending.
>     BTW, I cannot see the job submitted by client in my Jenkins GUI.
>     Is that correct ?
>     Thanks.
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