[openstack-dev] [keystone] LDAP identity driver with groups from local DB

Julian Edwards bigjools at gmail.com
Fri Jul 24 04:00:33 UTC 2015


I am relatively new to Openstack and Keystone so please forgive me any
crazy misunderstandings here.

One of the problems with the existing LDAP Identity driver that I see
is that for group management it needs write access to the LDAP server,
or requires an LDAP admin to set up groups separately.

Neither of these are palatable to some larger users with corporate
LDAP directories, so I'm interested in discussing a solution that
would get acceptance from core devs.

My initial thoughts are to create a new driver that would store groups
and their user memberships in the local keystone database, while
continuing to rely on LDAP for user authentication. The advantages of
this would be that the standard UI tools could continue to work for
group manipulation.  This is somewhat parallel with ephemeral
federated user group mappings, but that's all done in the json blob
which is a bit horrible. (I'd like to see that working with a decent
UI some time, perhaps it is solved in the same way)

However, one of the other reasons I'm sending this is to gather more
ideas to solve this. I'd like to hear from anyone in a similar
position, and anyone with input on how to help.


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