[openstack-dev] [app-catalog] Catalog roadmap and next steps

Christopher Aedo doc at aedo.net
Fri Jul 24 03:55:10 UTC 2015

We have been making some progress on improvements to the Community App
Catalog, but this last month things have slowed down some.  I wanted
to send a note to the mailing list to get a conversation going about
what we need to get on the roadmap, and hopefully get some folks
committed to helping out.  We had been discussing some of this on IRC,
in addition to during the weekly scheduled meeting, but I am sure
we'll get a broader group engaged by covering this via email.

There are only a few blueprints noted at this time[1], but I plan to
add several shortly.  The blueprints I will add will cover the
design/functionality gaps that we are facing right now.  These

-asset versions and exploring realistic ways to expose changes or
updates to assets without requiring visitors to review the repo
-integrating glance as the back-end for holding catalog assets (which
will help with search, sort and versions)
-horizon integration (Kevin Fox has begun work on this already)
-rating/scoring and comments/feedback for individual assets
-"subscribing" to an asset so users can be notified of updates/changes
-UI changes to accommodate more types of assets

These alone represent a pretty good bit of work, but there's certainly
room to get more done over the next few months.  Considering the
impact the catalog could have on OpenStack adoption, I'd love to get
more feedback around the direction we're headed, and hopefully see
better participation.  (To that end if you'd like to catch us for a
real-time conversation on IRC, please do #openstack-app-catalog).

If you have any additional thoughts on things we could do to make the
catalog even more meaningful, or have feedback on the tasks ahead
please speak up :)  This is meant to be a place to find all the things
users of OpenStack clouds can do with their environments, so please
help us make this into the world class showcase it can be!

[1]: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/app-catalog

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