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Wed Jul 15 11:15:18 UTC 2015

On Wed, Jul 15, 2015 at 6:52 PM, Peng Zhao < peng at hyper.sh > wrote:

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Subject: Re: [openstack-dev] [magnum][bp] Power Magnum to run onmetal withHyper
On Jul 13, 2015, at 8:37 PM, Peng Zhao < peng at hyper.sh > wrote:
Thanks Adrian!
Hi, all,
Let me recap what is hyper and the idea of hyperstack.
Hyper is a single-host runtime engine. Technically, Docker = LXC + AUFS Hyper = Hypervisor + AUFS where AUFS is the Docker image.
I do not understand the last line above. My understanding is that AUFS ==
UnionFS, which is used to implement a storage driver for Docker. Others exist
for btrfs, and devicemapper. You select which one you want by setting an option
like this:
DOCKEROPTS= ” -s devicemapper ”
Are you trying to say that with Hyper, AUFS is used to provide layered Docker
image capability that are shared by multiple hypervisor guests?
Peng >>> Yes, AUFS implies the Docker images here.
My guess is that you are trying to articulate that a host running Hyper is a 1:1
substitute for a host running Docker, and will respond using the Docker remote
API. This would result in containers running on the same host that have a
superior security isolation than they would if LXC was used as the backend to
Docker. Is this correct?
Peng>>> Exactly
Due to the shared-kernel nature of LXC, Docker lacks of the necessary isolation
in a multi-tenant CaaS platform, and this is what Hyper/hypervisor is good at.
And because of this, most CaaS today run on top of IaaS: https://trello-attachments.s3. amazonaws.com/ 55545e127c7cbe0ec5b82f2b/
388x275/ e286dea1266b46c1999d566b0f9e32 6b/iaas.png Hyper enables the native, secure, bare-metal CaaS https://trello-attachments. s3.amazonaws.com/ 55545e127c7cbe0ec5b82f2b/
395x244/ 828ad577dafb3f357e95899e962651 b2/caas.png
>From the tech stack perspective, Hyperstack turns Magnum o run in parallel with
Nova, not running on atop.
For this to work, we’d expect to get a compute host from Heat, so if the bay
type were set to “hyper”, we’d need to use a template that can produce a compute
host running Hyper. How would that host be produced, if we do not get it from
nova? Might it make more sense to make a dirt driver for nova that could produce
a Hyper guest on a host already running the nova-compute agent? That way Magnum
would not need to re-create any of Nova’s functionality in order to produce nova
instances of type “hyper”.
Peng >>> We don’t have to get the physical host from nova. Let’s say OpenStack = Nova+Cinder+Neutron+Bare-metal+KVM, so “AWS-like IaaS for everyone
HyperStack= Magnum+Cinder+Neutron+Bare-metal+Hyper, then “Google-like CaaS for
everyone else”
Ideally, customers should deploy a single OpenStack cluster, with both nova/kvm
and magnum/hyper. I’m looking for a solution to make nova/magnum co-exist.
Is Hyper compatible with libvirt?
Peng>>> We are working on the libvirt integration, expect in v0.5

Can Hyper support nested Docker containers within the Hyper guest?
Peng>>> Docker in Docker? In a HyperVM instance, there is no docker daemon,
cgroup and namespace (except MNT for pod). VM serves the purpose of isolation.
We plan to support cgroup and namespace, so you can control whether multiple
containers in a pod share the same namespace, or completely isolated. But in
either case, no docker daemon is present.

Adrian Otto

Best, Peng
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Subject: Re: [openstack-dev] [magnum][bp] Power Magnum to run on metal withHyper
I woud like to ask for your input about adding support for Hyper in Magnum:
https://blueprints.launchpad. net/magnum/+spec/hyperstack
We touched on this in our last team meeting, and it was apparent that achieving
a higher level of understanding of the technology before weighing in about the
directional approval of this blueprint. Peng Zhao and Xu Wang have graciously
agreed to respond to this thread to address questions about how the technology
works, and how it could be integrated with Magnum.
Please take a moment to review the blueprint, and ask your questions here on
this thread.
Adrian Otto
On Jul 2, 2015, at 8:48 PM, Peng Zhao < peng at hyper.sh > wrote:
Here is the bp of Magnum+Hyper+Metal integration: https://blueprints.launchpad. net/magnum/+spec/hyperstack
Wanted to hear more thoughts and kickstart some brainstorming.
Thanks, Peng
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