[openstack-dev] [tc] [all] thinking additional tags

Sean Dague sean at dague.net
Wed Jul 8 13:03:04 UTC 2015

Personally, I'm running out of steam on tags for this cycle, but Zane
brought up a good point in the TC meeting yesterday, which was that "it
would be nice to have tags for criteria that we used to use for
integration requirements". I strongly agree with that perspective.

A few ideas I was thinking about here from the areas that I poke at
quite often. I'm doing this on the ML as a lighter weight discussion
medium than gerrit as these are pretty raw brain droppings.


 * some tag that stated if it was in_devstack or has_devstack_plugin. I
hesitate breaking those into 2, because it assumes value judgement that
one is better than the other. However, has_devstack_plugin is useful
information to know you need to add 1 line to your local.conf to enable
that service.

has_devstack_plugin has a very specific meaning that the project
implements this interface -


 * full_stack_testing - does the project have voting gate jobs that
bring up an OpenStack environment with it and some other selection of
OpenStack projects needed to test it. Basically, is the project doing
more than unit testing. (Possibly also specify that tests run parallel,
given that transition from serial to parallel testing has exposed real
bugs in nearly every project that's done that).


There are various qualities about upgrade that we'd like to see out of
projects, and highlight when they exist.

* no config change upgrades - the config file for N-1 works with N
* partial upgrades - N-1 and N components can exist simultaneously in a
cluster (allows for rolling upgrades)
* upgrade testing - changes are gated on a voting upgrade test
* partial upgrade testing - changes are gated on a voting partial
upgrade test

Most of these are pretty objective, I think there are also items around
API contract, but that's actually a bit less objective, as we've seen
around the debates on whether or not there is such a thing as a
compatible API change with no user signaling in the microversion thread.

I personally don't have near term energy to shephard any of these.
However, there is no reason that tag submission needs to be done by a TC
member, so if any of these bits tickle your fancy, I'd help advise on them.


Sean Dague

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