[openstack-dev] [Sahara] [QA] [tests coverage] Can we add CI job to control the unit tests coverage?

Timur Nurlygayanov tnurlygayanov at mirantis.com
Thu Jul 2 17:15:05 UTC 2015

Hi all,

I suggest to add CI job which will check the unit tests coverage for Sahara
repository and will set -1 for commits with new code and without unit tests
(if we have some degradation of tests coverage).
This job successfully works for Rally project and it helps to organize the
right code development process when developers write new unit tests for new

we can just copy this job from Rally and start to use it for Sahara:
Coverage control script:
Configuration file for coverage plugin (to exclude code which shouldn't be
affected): https://github.com/openstack/rally/blob/master/.coveragerc
Example of job in infra repository:

I expect that it will help to increase the tests coverage by unit tests.

Do we have any objections?


Senior QA Engineer
OpenStack Projects
Mirantis Inc
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