[openstack-dev] [Fuel] removing single mode

Dmitriy Shulyak dshulyak at mirantis.com
Tue Jan 27 22:13:57 UTC 2015

> not to prolong single mode, I'd like to see it die. However we will
> need to be able to add, change, remove, or noop portions of the tasks
> graph in the future. Many of the plugins that cant currently be built
> would rely on being able to sub out parts of the graph. How is that
> going to factor into granular deployments?

There is several ways to achieve "noop" task:

1. By condition on task itself (same expression parser that is used for UI
Right now we are able to add condtion like, cluster:mode != multinode,
but the problem is additional complexity to support different chains of
tasks, and additional refactoring in library.
2. Skip particular task in deployment API call

As for plugins and add/stubout/change - all of this is possible, there is
no plugins API for that stuff,
and we will need to think what exactly we want to expose, but from granular
deployment perspective
it is just a matter of changing data for particular task in graph
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