[openstack-dev] [nova][ec2-api] EC2 API standalone service

Alexandre Levine alevine at cloudscaling.com
Fri Jan 23 16:39:13 UTC 2015

This thread is created in regard to newly introduced EC2 API standalone 
service effort which is covered by the following:


Nova spec:

Project and code:

Kilo talks:

Joe Gordon suggested to create this thread and explain the background 
for this effort, current state, and what's still needed, and to have a 
thread for more questions and ideas.

The idea arisen when we needed to improve current nova's EC2 API 
compatibility by fixing some bugs, removing some limitations and 
incompatibilities, and especially adding the whole VPC API part which 
was completely absent. We needed to use all of it in some proprietary 
clouds of ours. This was done after our initial attempt with the similar 
GCE-API functionality which showed to us that it's much easier to 
position such functionality as a separate service and separate project 
rather than trying to squeeze it into nova beside the existing EC2-API. 
When we started we already had the GCE-API finished functionality on 
stackforge. So we created another alike project for EC2-API.
Initially we created only the lacking VPC API part. The rest of the EC2 
functionality requests was just proxied into existing nova's EC2.
After the Kilo design summit it was decided that we'll extract the rest 
and have fully functional EC2 API standalone project which can 
eventually replace nova's one.

Current state is a fully functional (at least not worse than existing 
one) service covering EC2 API almost completely except for some 
limitations listed in the README and the ones not found yet (we're 
discovering some more gaps when we're adding more tests). Still, except 
for some nova EC2 extensions which are not supported by AWS CLI, all 
legit functionality present currently in nova is implemented in this 
service too.
All of the existing nova EC2 unit tests were ported or reflected in 
other tests.
Tempest API and scenario tests exist but it's unclear where to put them yet.

I can't say what else is needed because I don't see any particular 
showstoppers at the moment.

The sister GCE-API service is also proposed as a nova-spec and blueprint 
for addition to OpenStack.

Best regards,
   Alex Levine

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