[openstack-dev] What's Up Doc? Jan 23 2015 [heat] [cinder]

Anne Gentle annegentle at justwriteclick.com
Fri Jan 23 14:20:12 UTC 2015

__In review and merged this past week__
About 60 doc patches merged in the last week, including NUMA Topology
Filter docs, firewall introduction in the new Networking Guide, updates for
the CLI Ref for Ironic 0.3.3 client, and more updates to the Object Storage
portion of the End User Guide. Thank you Erik Wilson for continuing to
bring in Object Storage user how-tos.

We closed 18 doc bugs in the last week. Nice.

I'm extremely pleased with the uptick in contributions both to doc bugs and
patches for the API reference. There are some teams who need to get their
REST API docs updated:
Orchestration/heat: At least 15 doc bugs came in this week for your REST
API docs. Please take a look at [1].
Block Storage/cinder: Thanks for logging bug 1411724 which identified that
these extensions need documentation:- consistency groups
 - cgsnapshots
 - volume replication
 - volume transfer
 - volume unmanage

Also, the "playground" RST version of the end user guide merged this past
week, which is another step towards the new docs site redesign

Also many thanks to our doc reviewers, this team does a great job both in
efficiency and coverage.

__High priority doc work__
The web site design is my highest priority right now, and the networking
guide progress is a high priority as well.

__Ongoing doc work__
Alexander Adamov from Mirantis has agreed to set up a Debian test lab for
testing the Debian install guide and address any doc bugs he finds. Thank
you Alexander!

__New incoming doc requests__

Anita Kuno seeks a person to document the nova-network to neutron migration
path. Please let us know if you're interested in this specific
documentation and we'll connect you.

__Doc tools updates__

As it turns out, we won't have a "clean out" patch proposed to the
clouddocs-maven-plugin repository, and that's fine. Rackspace isn't using
the stackforge-stored one any more, so if anyone wants to do that
clean-out, please let me know. The idea is that we'll move to Sphinx/RST
for all documentation and only rely on clouddocs-maven-plugin for building
the API reference, and then move towards Swagger for building the API
reference, but these are steps to be implemented over years time to ensure
we keep the requirements for our doc tools like translation.

__Other doc news__

I'm meeting with Doug Hellman next week to try to get our Sphinx theme done
in a way that's consumable by many teams. Stay tuned.


Anne Gentle
annegentle at justwriteclick.com
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