[openstack-dev] sos-ci for cinder scst

Nikesh Kumar Mahalka nikeshmahalka at vedams.com
Sat Jan 17 07:55:57 UTC 2015

localconf.base file in sos-ci/sos-ci/tempates have

*CINDER_BRANCH = master*

similarly in our localconf.base file,we have

*CINDER_BRANCH = master[[post-config|$CINDER_CONF]] [lvmdriver-1]
iscsi_helper=scstadminvolume_driver =

when sos-ci launch instance and try to install
devstack with *CINDER_BRANCH=gerrit event patch reference*,cinder-volume
service is unable to start.
Because our code is not in master for this local.conf to be run by

As far we know,we should not give* CINDER_BRANCH=refs/changes/78/145778/1*
in our localconf.base,because sos-ci is setting CINDER_BRANCH with gerrit
event stream events patch reference.

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