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Michael Krotscheck krotscheck at gmail.com
Fri Jan 16 00:27:11 UTC 2015

> > I think Oracle's got enough money to support Node.js on SPARC.
> How is money relevant here?

Well, normally the argument I've received is "We don't have the
time/resources/insert-other-fiscally-motivated-reason to support/work on
node". Ergo, money. But then, given Oracle's conduct around the whole Java
ridiculousness I'm not exactly favorably disposed towards anything or
anyone associated with them. They'd get a lot more respect if they
open-sourced Solaris.

Which actually reminds me of something: Infra only tests against Debian,
CentOS, and Fedora. It does not test Solaris. So, no offense, but I don't
care about your SPARC servers.

... that Node.js is an issue because we can not use it.  Not because we
don't WANT to use it.  This is an important distinction that you seem to
> have missed.

I haven't missed it, I just made the assumption that if someone wants to
use a tool, they would be busy porting that tool rather than arguing on a
list about it.

Case and point: I wanted to use javascript in OpenStack Infra, so I did a
ton of legwork to bring node, npm, bower, karma, jasmine, protractor, and
grunt into the infra toolchain.

> So let me reframe this argument a bit: If you refuse to allow us
> > frontend developers to use node, npm, and bower, then I expect you to
> > reciprocate and no longer use the python executable or pip to write your
> > code, and you can only debug using wsgi. Since those fill equivalent
> > roles in our various languages-du-jour, it seems like a perfectly fair
> > exchange. Deal?
> I'm sorry, what?  Python is fully supported on Solaris (both x86 and
> SPARC).  This discussion has nothing whatsoever to do with the
> 'language-du-jour'.

It has everything to do with it: There are javascript engineers that want
to use their tools, just like there are python engineers that want to user
their tools. You're saying we can't use javascript tools because of SPARC's
lack of support. I'm merely asking that our python engineers reciprocate
and abandon your own tools out of solidarity. After all, we're all in this
together, right?

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