[openstack-dev] [horizon] static files handling, bower/

Drew Fisher drew.fisher at oracle.com
Wed Jan 14 20:55:08 UTC 2015

On 1/14/15 11:49 AM, Michael Krotscheck wrote:
>     > Solaris is supported by node.js:
>     x86 is certainly supported.  Always has been.  That's not the issue in
>     question.  My point was that SPARC is not supported.
> I think Oracle's got enough money to support Node.js on SPARC.

How is money relevant here?

>     > I think Solaris is no longer relevant
>     I won't stoop to comment on this statement other than to say Solaris
>     is quite relevant to Oracle, Oracle's customers and Oracle's partners.
> I won't stop to comment on this statement other than to say Javascript
> is quite relevant to Oracle, Oracle's customers, and Oracle's partners.
> Your argument is a boondoggle. Refusing to use node because your
> favorite platform doesn't support it is not the fault of node.js, it's
> the fault of the platform.

Under no circumstances am I refusing to use it.  I stated in my original
email ...


For Solaris, a requirement on Node.js is especially problematic as there
is no official SPARC port and I'm not aware of anybody else working on one.


... that Node.js is an issue because we can not use it.  Not because we
don't WANT to use it.  This is an important distinction that you seem to
have missed.

> So let me reframe this argument a bit: If you refuse to allow us
> frontend developers to use node, npm, and bower, then I expect you to
> reciprocate and no longer use the python executable or pip to write your
> code, and you can only debug using wsgi. Since those fill equivalent
> roles in our various languages-du-jour, it seems like a perfectly fair
> exchange. Deal?

I'm sorry, what?  Python is fully supported on Solaris (both x86 and
SPARC).  This discussion has nothing whatsoever to do with the

I continued this thread because we came across the and the blueprint
suggesting moving to using Bower rather than XStatic and I'm attempting
to voice the concerns we have for moving to Node.  It may be that
nothing can be done in the short term (for Kilo) with the long term
action being to get Node ported to SPARC.


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