[openstack-dev] [devstack] noVNC disabled by default?

Solly Ross sross at redhat.com
Wed Jan 14 18:59:59 UTC 2015

 > If you rewrite the noNVC installation in devstack to work from a release
> URL that includes the released version on it, I think that would be
> sufficient to turn it back on. Again, ideally this should be in distros,
> but I think we could work on doing release installs until then,
> especially if the install process is crisp.

I'll see if I can find some time to do this.  I've been rather busy with a
few other things (chiefly, getting my Nova patch series all ready and
tested before next week).

> I am looking at the upstream release tarball right now though, and don't
> see and INSTALL instructions in it. So lets see what the devstack patch
> would look like to do the install.

The "bulk" of noVNC is a series of Javascript and HTML files.  "Installation"
may differ depending on how you plan on serving the noVNC files themselves.
That's the main reason why there's no "INSTALLATION" file for noVNC.

That being said, it is not uncommon for people to serve noVNC using
websockify's built-in web server -- this is what the "utils/launch.sh"
script does.

Fedora places the noVNC source in /usr/share/novnc, so I think that's a
reasonable place for devstack to "install" (mainly just unzip the sources)
noVNC for the time being.  Thoughts?

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