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Tripp, Travis S travis.tripp at hp.com
Tue Jan 6 16:08:10 UTC 2015

Thanks, Radomir.

I originally started a patch on Horizon and was going to do that, but was
guided to update global requirements first.

I¹ll go ahead and redo that patch on Horizon.


On 1/6/15, 2:00 AM, "Radomir Dopieralski" <openstack at sheep.art.pl> wrote:

>On 06/01/15 01:39, Tripp, Travis S wrote:
>> What Radomir proposes looks like it would greatly ease the process I am
>>still going through to get the latest angular available to Horizon for
>>current development.  At the time of writing this, I¹m still trying to
>>get the updated library through.  I hit a rather difficult workflow:
>>   1.  Packaged the latest into Xstatic-Angular-1.3.7
>>   2.  Submitted patch which deprecated the separate older
>>xstatic-angular-cookies and xstatic-angular-mock packages
>>   3.  Reviewed and approved (after correcting an initial
>>   4.  Radomir released to Pypi
>> This was pretty easy and not too hard. Not too much to complain about.
>> However, now, to get Horizon to use it, I have to get that into global
>>requirements.  Since I¹m deprecating old packages I got stuck in a sort
>>of ugly dependency path.  I couldn¹t remove the cookies and mock
>>libraries from the global requirements patch that added the new 1.3.7
>>package because of horizon still referencing the deprecated packages.
>>And, when I did it anyway, the integration tests failed due to horizon
>>being dependent on something not in global requirements.  So, now, as
>>far as I can tell we have to jump through the following hoops:
>>   1.  Global requirements patch to add angular 1.3.7
>>      *   Verify check / recheck fun
>>      *   Reviewed and approved
>>      *   Gate check / recheck fun
>>   2.  Horizon patch to update to angular 1.3.7 and remove deprecated
>>mock and cookies packages
>>      *   Verify check / recheck fun
>>      *   Reviewed and approved
>>      *   Gate check / recheck fun
>>   3.  Global requirements patch to remove deprecated mock and cookies
>>      *   Verify check / recheck fun
>>      *   Reviewed and approved
>>      *   Gate check / recheck fun
>> Don¹t get me wrong, I really do think the gate is brilliant and am all
>>for a review / approval process, but this does seem excessive for a UI
>>library that should only be used by Horizon. Is there some other reason
>>that this should have to go through global requirements?
>You can do it much easier, since the current version of Angular already
>packages what is in the deprecated modules. So just:
>1. Patch Horizon to remove the xstatic dependencies to the mock and
>cookies packages.
>2. Patch global-requirements to remove them, and add newer Angular.
>3. Patch Horizon to use the newer Angular.
>Radomir Dopieralski
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