[openstack-dev] [api] [wsme] [ceilometer] Replacing WSME with _____ ?

Chris Dent chdent at redhat.com
Fri Aug 28 14:22:42 UTC 2015

This morning I kicked off a quick spec for replacing WSME in
Ceilometer with ... something:


This is because not only is WSME not that great, it also results in
controller code that is inscrutable.

The problem with the spec is that it doesn't know what to replace
WSME with.

So, for your Friday afternoon pleasure I invite anyone with an
opinion to hold forth on what framework they would choose. The spec
lists a few options but please feel to not limit yourself to those.

If you just want to shoot the breeze please respond here. If you
have specific comments on the spec please response there.


P.S: An option not listed, and one that may make perfect sense for
ceilometer (but perhaps not aodh), is to do nothing and consider the
v2 api "legacy".

Chris Dent tw:@anticdent freenode:cdent

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